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Flimsy Icons

Light, thin, and insubstantial.

Flimsy Icons: Yuffie's Graphics Journal
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Welcome to Flimsy Icons, the graphics journal of Yuffie (milky0tea) (seekfelicity). Here I will post icons, wallpapers and blends for your using and viewing pleasure. Go ahead and friend this community if you'd like to keep up with updates, I'd really appreciate it. ;D

1. Feedback, please. Please comment if you like/dislike an icon. Constructive criticism is lovely. If you're taking anything, you have to comment and let me know.
2. Credit in keywords. If you're using anything created by me, you MUST give me credit by linking back to seekfelicity OR flimsyicons. If you don't know how to credit in keywords, here's how you do it.

3. No editing. Do not fiddle with my icons without asking me first. If you'd like anything to be edited, let me know and I'll try to do it for you.
4. No stealing. Do not claim anything I've made as your own. That's just mean.
5. Nominate? Why, thank you! If you ever decide to nominate my icons for awards, let me know so I can send you kisses and cookies. :3

Resources are now listed here.

8ball_graphix _amoreincauto architectural dead__icons doodle_icons iconditional inyourpants_ magicalicons ohheckyes oldschmuel_icon popsicleicons unknowncolour shadowed_icons
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